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Creative ways to increase productivity at work

Productivity at work is becoming a rising concern of employers around the globe, mainly because of distractions, thanks to the social and engaging technology advancements, employees of today are far more consumed in them, than earlier. However, employees can also be not allowed to use such technologies at work. Because such technologies allow an employee to remain motivated and take smaller breaks during a work day that relax them and allow them to concentrate on their work with more focus. However, things need to be kept in check. According to a recent report, in the US alone, only 33% employee feel engaged. This is increasing the turn over costs for organizations when people are not satisfied with their jobs and switching rapidly than normal. Here are few tips for busy managers ...


Finding the Perfect Indian Restaurant in the Caribbean Islands

When we hear the name of India now, most of us have fond memories of this country as an exotic getaway from all the fuss and busy life schedule. India offers a new perspective to anyone looking for trying out something new. Be it a mystic place like deserts in the west of India or have a go at Indian cuisine which is also a very unique experience, India is full of surprises. Same goes for the people of India who go to any other place and look for food that is traditional and also offer something unique. Indian restaurants are the answer to it. The Caribbean islands are one of the most beautiful ones in the Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean Sea close by. A handful of people of Indian origin already live here and apart from Indians people come here from the nearby Islands, the US and...