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Reasons why you should uninstall snapchat

The performance is quite superior and offers the same The Snapchat app for Android works regularly pulling for worse . In my LG G3 the application is slow, unstable, and makes the phone very hot. It is true that my phone is not the best there is today, but I could try the app on a S7 edge, a Mi 5 and an LG G5 and it works just as badly . In iOS works really well. It's easier to get followers That is one of the main problems of Snapchat, unless you use social networks to talk with four friends, which is not my case. In Snapchat I do not have the ability to get followers , unless they are in my contact list or know my user. To make my user known, I have to do SPAM on other social networks -which will lose followers on those networks- or give it to another person manually, b...