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New research coming out of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests there could be a higher risk of autism in children whose mothers get too much folic acid during pregnancy. In this ongoing study, researchers looked at data from 1,391 mothers and their babies in the Boston Birth Cohort, which is primarily from a low-income and minority population. Both mothers and their babies were followed from the time of birth (which occurred between 1998 to 2013), and for several years after. The mother’s blood levels of folate were checked once within the first few days of delivery. Many of the women in the study reported having taken multivitamins, which include the nutrients folic acid and vitamin B12, throughout the duration of their pregnancy. What did the st...


The Best Pads that are made for Braking


Many different systems are required to work in unison in order for any vehicle to operate in an efficient manner. Most of these systems are tested by many professionals of the trade so that they can be enhanced to give the best level of performance possible for the drivers as well as the passengers. One such essential system is the braking system of a vehicle and many innovative inventions have been made that has allowed for increasedperformance in this area. The use of pads made out of ceramic for braking is one of the best examples of these innovations. Ceramic Pads, For the Win Not only are they lighter and quieter than the normal semi-metallic and metallic ones, they tend to offer a higher level of durability as well. The lightweight ceramic pads can be ideal when ...


Using Photography in Web Design

One of the key aspects of web design is the use of photography. Choosing the right photographs can bring interest, personality, style, and uniqueness to your website. From general and dynamic stock photographs to totally customised photographs of your own products, ensuring your site is personally connecting with customers through photographs is the hallmark of the most successful website design companies. With so many ways to present photographs on your website in order to promote your services, a professional web design team will show you several ways to portray your services to a fickle public. There are several current trends in website design using photographs such as taking the old, boring slide shows that older websites may have and tweaking them into vast, colorful multi...