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B.ED Course & Its Benefits

B.ED Course in Gurgaon stands for an undergraduate academic course which full form is Bachelor of Education. Earlier, it was known as Bachelor of Training (BT). The education program aims to those youngsters who are interested in shaping their career as a teacher. The program is organized by many colleges and institutes in India but students should pursue it from a reputed college to find a valuable degree which is applicable by the Education Department of India. Eligibility Do you know who can pursue the program? If you are a graduate from a recognized university you are eligible. It doesn’t matter what is your subject during graduation. Duration B.ED course is a 2-year. Earlier, it was a 1-year long program but today, students have to pass it in 2 years. Sub...


Donate your Pet Items to a Shelter

The items that you have for your beloved furred family member were theirs alone. Even if you have other pets in your home, there were personal possessions that were not shared. Wash and clean them and take them to a local non-kill pet memorial shelter. These little ones are in need and giving warm and wonderful items can allow the memory of your pet to be carried on in a positive way. Carry this forward with any extra pet foods and treats, as shelters are always in need of these to help those that are looking for forever homes. If your pet was on medication, confer with your Veterinarian and get permission to donate these as well. In many cases, shelters rely on good hearted Vets for some commonly used meds. Financial donations in your pet’s name are another way to bring happiness to ...