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Chin up bar The Gym you only need

Everyone here has dream of favourite biceps that remain particularly close to heart. it doesn't matter how old and wiser you are, or how sincerely you perform your "functional fitness", deep in heart you guys really loves when it comes to biceps curls. Now according to my experiences in gym the most popular exercises for biceps is doing variety of curls. however, I figured out that many of this exercises  or movements are giant waste of time and energy without benefits. because what is most important work out here is Chin ups on Chin up bar. In a study commissioned by the American council on workout examined on the muscle it has been concluded that growth is done by the 8 common exercises. the winner here were the concentration curl, which outstrip by the cable curl. But righ...


How Free Standing Pull Up Bar is a Way to Cure Sciatica and Disc Herniation?

Today lots of people facing sciatica and disc herniation problem. Sure to treat those, proper medication is necessary. But recent research suggest, if you are doing right kinds of exercises regularly then you can yourself cure those too. Our experience tells us, with the help free standing pull up bar, you can cure sciatica and disc herniation. All you have to do is have some patiences and dedication. Our folding free standing pull bar is the very unique instrument that can be carried anywhere due to its simple built and low weight . It is flexible, that means you can adjust it to a user’s height. As it is carried easily, so you can either use it in your bedroom, your Hall or even in outdoor. Also as the pull-up bar can be adjusted to your favorable height, so it is importan...


No Age, No Bar!

Incorporating exercise into your everyday life is often recommended. The benefits of doing so are endless. Also, once it becomes a part of your routine cycle, it sticks with you, no matter what you do or where you go. However, in recent times, modernization has left little space for activities like walking, cycling, and jogging. This is the main reason why people prefer going to a gym, the clubhouse or an activity center to get their daily share of a workout. An even better option for this is to workout at home. While most people may prefer a treadmill, learn yoga or simple stretches, planks or lunges, having good equipment can take your exercise routine to an incredible level and also help with faster results. Khanhtrinhvn, a company that specializes in pull up bars of various sizes,...


Most Recommended Exercise Equipment of 2018

Have you decided to visit the market to buy new product for exercise and healthy life. we all know that there is tons of fitness product in market and you will also find that most of fitness product has high cost. speaking honestly you can buy a treadmill if you have a big budget. but do you have an idea that a free standing pull up bar will be very good option to make you fit and healthy than a costly treadmill. The pull up bar is light weight and less expensive than most of the exercise equipment. if you are thinking to all this stuff at home this can be very good option for you. while you don't need a very big space to arrange this like other fitness product. Today, we will be discussion on best free standing pull up bar of year 2018. which are most affordable and has mor...


Free standing pull up bar

With the era of technological advancements, long gone are the days when health was ignored and healthy living was a lifestyle of a chosen few. The tension and complexity of our contemporary society can be handled easily by taking care of our mental and physical health. The majestic grandeur and simplicity of this free standing pull up bar makes it essential for the fitness lovers. It has a solid and stable force bearing capacity, replaceable foam handle grips, adjustable heights and frames for people belonging to different age, height and gender and Yes, it's absolutely portable! Mr Le Nguyen Khanh Trinh has specially designed this free standing pull up bar from his own experience for those who have little or no time to hit the gym. People suffering from lower back pain and poor bod...