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12 Tips to Sprite through Summer – Start from the unisex perfume list


Don’t we all envy school kids when its summer, wishing we too could get a 2 month off? If we did, quite a lot of us grown ups would want to probably run to a cold country or hide under an oak tree’s shadow. Ok, so jokes apart, adaptability is a forte when it comes to us humans but we do have our own struggles when the weather changes. And when it’s summer time, it’s more like Lana Del Ray’s “Summer time sadness”! So, are you feeling sad or tired? And did you know that excessive exposure to sunlight can be a cause of depression? Well, we’re here to rescue you! Here’s a set of X things you must try to get through these summer days like a breeze of fresh air. And yes, it begins from the unisex perfume list.   1. Deodorant / Perfume: Summer equals perspi...



Why do college guys need the best perfume?      The scent is supposed to be an invisible part of your fashion and style. Wearing the right perfume not only make you feel attractive but has a powerful effect on the way you are recognized and remembered by others. This is why you do not need anything but the best fragrance perfumes. So, trying the best scents for young guys can create attractive and memorable experiences. But, which are the best perfumes for college guys? In order to help you choose the best perfumes for college guys, here is the following list of six new fragrances from popular perfume brand which have combined style and scent in a seamless fashion especially designed for college students. * HOTT HOTT is the popular perfume brand ...


6 simple tips for men on how to buy best perfumes and deodorant spray

The perfumes or deodorants you buy for yourself will precede you in a room and will also stay for a long time even when you leave the place. So don’t just opt for any scent bottles from the store. Before buying any scents you have to go through all the basics. Every fragrance has the three different parts the top note, middle note, and the base note. The top note is very delicate which hits the nose immediately and it lasts between 15 mins to 2 hours. The middle note develops after the top note clears and it lasts for more than 5 hours. The base note is the last to develop after the top and middle notes. It is often considered to be the bolder note and can stay for a longer time on your skin.The base note can last for more than 10 hours it depends on the scent you buy. How t...


If you’re eating these 6 Foods even the top deodorant brands can’t help!

Have you searched the internet for solutions to cure body odor? Your family and friends too have definitely said that you should drink lots of water, exercise, avoid stress, nervousness and do all the other shenanigans! Well hello, even if you’ve bathed yourself in the “top 10 deodorants for men” that promise of 24-hour effect isn’t going to help. Maybe it’s time to blame your diet! Yes, it may be a hard to digest fact, but not as much as those “hard-to-digest-odor-creating foods”. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how different factors affect your health, the way you feel and how others perceive you! Firstly, why does food affect the way you smell? Certain foods you eat have elements that dramatically increase the activity of your sweat glands. When the bacteria on th...