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Free Electron Laser

At present, laser welding diamond saw blade process there are still some problems, we need to conduct further research, to carry out special laser welding diamond saw carcass or transition layer material formula research, to carry out new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powder research, The research on the mechanism of laser welding of diamond saw blades, especially the research of temperature field, flow field, mass field and stress field of laser welding diamond saw blade and the on-line quality monitoring technology of 50000mw laser pointer welding diamond saw blade process are carried out. In fact, only a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of laser welding diamond saw blade, it may be developed accordingly the new online quality monitoring technology; only master the theory o...


Ultrashort Laser Pulse


Antimony inter-band cascade lasers are new semiconductor lasers based on quantum effects and band engineering. They are combined with the radiation between electrons and holes through the transition between conduction band and valence band. Each active region is connected by a similar quantum cascade Series connection. It combines the advantages of traditional semiconductor interband transition lasers and quantum cascade 30mw green laser based on subband transitions, such as uniform carrier injection, high quantum efficiency, easy wavelength regulation, threshold current density and low power consumption. Therefore, the antimicrobial inter-band cascade lasers have important application prospects in environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis and information gathering in Internet of Thin...


Remote Laser Processing Technology


High-power, high-brightness fiber lasers make rapid laser scanning (RLS) applications rapid development. Compared to other technologies, RLS has greater flexibility and faster processing speed, and greatly reduce the large-size workpiece processing cycle. The key to the design of the RLS system is the working distance of the scanning head, the size of the focal spot, and the scanning range. One advantage of using a high-brightness fiber 20mw laser pointer is that it can increase the working distance and scan range while achieving a smaller focal spot size to increase the welding speed and increase the weld penetration. Conventional fiber lasers use fiber-coupled technology to couple multiple laser outputs together, resulting in lower brightness of the output laser. The new genera...