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I love synergy a so much  not all retinal formulas are like that I  have never been able to use a retinol  formula on my skin until this one so I  love that I am able to reap the benefits  of a retinol retinol is a really  wonderful aging support for our skin so  this I shake up a little bit and I do  about one and a half pumps TruDivine it's this  orange I I kind of yellow color and then  I'm just going to Pat it on all over  into my neck and I move it around pretty  quickly before it start seeping in which  it does pretty rapidly and you don't  need to slather a whole bunch of this on  but you know kind of a little goes a  long way but it's lovely it's. http://www.supplementscart.com/trudivi...



The  skin is kind of red and irritated this  is very good for redness relief they  look the same but each has its own  distinct usage and properties so to and  won't really that's my skincare routine  on one final  note this isn't related to  skin care routine anymore actually it is  I'm sorry one thing that is kind of fun TruDivine to do in my opinion you know with this  this mask here when it looks all green  on. Your face you can kind of like walk  around and you can order or order a  pizza you know you can have the green  mask on your face and you know when the  when the delivery person gets the door  but gets to the door you have this green  mask on your face you can go up to them  a...