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Why interest rate plays an important role in study loans

Education loans have become popular since the last two decades because of the rising cost of education. There has been continuous hike in the higher education since a last few years. Education loans came into picture in 1995 after that many banks and non-banking financial institutions have been providing education loan interest rate of around 10 to 12.75 %. The processing fee of these study loans is around 1-2 % of the loan amount. Study loans are always better than the personal loans and the traditional finances because they provide flexibility in the education loan interest rate and the tenure for the repayment of the study loan. The education loans are able to cover all the expenses of education which includes the course fees, the library fees, the refundable fees, the laboratory f...


Studying abroad: where will the money come from?

It is essential to work out how you will fund your time abroad before sending off an application. Even if you are lucky enough to find a course that has no tuition fees, you need to be sure you can cover your living and travel expenses. »EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES One of the most cost-effective ways of studying abroad is to take part in an academic exchange programme while attending a UK university. Many such opportunities are available, and as they involve a like-for-like exchange between a home and a foreign student, costs rarely exceed what the home student would pay for the remainder of the course. The best-known academic exchange scheme is Erasmus, an initiative of the European Commission that is administered by the British Council in the UK. Erasmus offers grants for a study or ...


Easy education finance for higher studies in India

Education is important for an individual progress. It helps you to attain peak knowledge and compete in different vertical of life to live a successful life. However, in this era of competition doing a mere graduation won’t let you get a good job or run a successful business. For this, you will have to perform outstanding and do some higher studies to add to your educational portfolio. However, today, higher education and professional degrees have become highly expensive in India. As a result, most students need to search finances to bridge up the creeping cost of higher studies. Little savings that your parents make is obviously going to prove insufficient against the vast educational expenses. Scholarships alone can’t meet the higher education needs; traditional finances are way...


Why is study in India a better option?

India is a hub of educational institutes with around 17000 colleges and 383 universities. These college and universities have made study in India more feasible. Various courses are offered by the colleges and the universities in the fields of science, arts, technology, engineering, literature and so on.  India is second biggest center for higher education by offering globally recognized courses. The costs of education are not only low as compared to other countries which make study in India affordable to the students. The education system of India is famous all over the world.  International students are attracted towards education in India as there is peaceful, welcoming and the education is also less expensive as compared to other countries. With English  as the ...