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How to write a good speech

article Read More An occasion may arise in every person’s life where they are called upon to make a speech. It might be on a friend’s wedding, at your own wedding, at a funeral, during a celebration, at University, at work, upon receiving an award and so on. The trouble is that not everyone is good at writing or just expressing themselves in general. This is nothing to be ashamed of, most people rarely get the opportunity to practice writing and giving speeches, and rhetoric skills aren’t widely taught in schools today. If you live in a big city, you can do a little searching and try to find some public speaking courses, as Sidney and Brisbane are pretty big cities and you can find whatever your heart desires. But if you live in a smaller town you might not have access to this kind of information. ... Read more Read More


The Importance of Good Images in Articles

article Read More An image is indeed worth a thousand words. Good images in your articles and posts can affect how they are viewed, how they are picked-up, who re-publishes them, search ranking, and how your articles are rated. SEO Although search engines can’t read visual material, having an image with a blog post, article or news release does signal that you are enhancing the content. If you add meta data – tags that Google can read – and optimize the tags for search, it goes a long way to improving your SEO. Google News Eye tracking studies have shown that news items in Google News search with an image get seen first. (SES NYC 2011) Journalists Recent research revealed that 79% of journalists say that a good image with a news ... Read more Read More

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