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Got a Free Weekend? Build and Adjustable Pergola

Read More Building an outdoor pergola sounds like an intimidating project but it's not as hard as you think. With a little knowledge anyone can do it. Yes, even you! Gather up the the right tools, a good set of plans and put your planning to work. You can take your backyard from bland and boring to eye popping gorgeous in no time at all. A pergola can be as simple or as ornate as you want it to be. This functional beauty can add whimsy, flair, romance and style to your backyard. Leave the roof open and slatted to let a bit of mother nature shine through or add adjustable panels for greater protection from the elements. Keep it rustic with rough hewn lumber or add white painted columns for a touch of Rome. A fast growing ivy, grape or vine to twine around your pergola add... Read more Read More



Read More If needing a valve for regulating the flow of liquids, an excellent device is a butterfly valve. Butterfly valves are in a category of valves referred to as "quarter-turn valves." A disc is employed to effect the valve opening and closing, allowing for immediate shut-off. The advantage of a butterfly valve is that it is less expensive than most other types of valves and it weighs less, making the entire construct around the butterfly valve less heavy and therefore less complicated to assemble and more economical. The design of a  butterfly valve is such that the disc is placed in the center of the valve with a rod passing through the center of the disc. The rod is connected to the outside of the valve to an actuator, which, when rotated, turns the disc. ... Read more Read More


Servicing Ford Scorpio Airbags

article Read More Supplementary Restraint System - SRS The Scorpio, of course, has inertial reel belts fitted as standard, plus a fixed lap belt for a fifth passenger in the centre of the rear seat. As additional safety, the car also has a driver airbag fitted as standard, and originally the passenger front airbag was an optional extra, later fitted as standard, while even later side impact airbags were optional. These were fitted into the upright part of the front seats. Additional protection is offered by seat belt pre-tensioners, Together these are called the Supplementary Restraint System. It should be noted from the outset that the airbags can only be effective when the seat belts are worn. During a severe frontal impact, the vehicle stops suddenly. At only 30mph the vehicle is ... Read more Read More

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