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They say Change is constant. This is absolutely true in the world of Fashion and men’s fashion clothing is not left behind either. Fashion trends evolve constantly and an item that might have not been in the fashion scenario a couple of years ago could possibly be at the top of everyone’s list today.

● There is One such fun item when it comes to Men’s Clothing which is continuously experiencing constant change in recent years.
● This is quite true in the case of both Western and other fashion areas. Suspenders is the style statement!
● Gone are the days when these products were just considered as belt replacements. In fact, they are real style expressions for many people.
● For better understanding we have listed a few different styles that you would love to incorporate with suspenders. This is applicable in the case of both Western and otherwise.

With a Vest
● Suspenders that are adorned with a vest tend to strike a perfect balance between formal as well as casual attire.
● They are the epitome of men’s Fashion. It is absolutely great for a night out or even a formal event.
● Simply go Macho, roll up your sleeves up and make a casual yet trendy style statement.
● Refrain from going too formal with pants. You can select darker jeans or plain slacks to complement the suspenders.

Hanging Down
● Tipping a little more towards the casual side, hanging down suspenders are great. Wearing suspenders hanging down is a real manner.
● It is convenient to replicate and there is absolutely no need to know how to wear suspenders correctly. Various celebrities rock the suspender style.
● They have started rocking this look in the recent years. Make sure to keep the remaining outfit totally super casual so that it does not clash.

Casual Wear
● As we noted above, the best indicator of a casual look with suspenders is actually the pants you wear with them.
● Dress slacks are too formal, so you need to look for darker jeans.
● The shirt is also an important consideration – button-up is the preferred way to go for a trendy look, or a flannel.
● A bow-tie is a fun addition to a suspenders outfit, but it gives a bit more of a formal feel.

With a Suit or Tux
● Suspenders with a suit are the best fashion for men.
● It adds a dash of personality to the total outfit.
● Common in both formal and semi- formal settings, you can go creative with them as well.
● According to the occasion, you can let loose and show off your suspender style or hide it briefly if needed.
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