Lazio Pay Email Scammers €2 Million For Stefan de Vrij


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There's no more wonderful within the world as opposed to Buy FUT Coins spam folder in emails, lord knows just how much utter nonsense lives there but perhaps Lazio need better filters for their inbox after falling for the scam email and coughing up €2 million for doing it. Somehow I feel like spam emails are less prevalent now than when I was younger. That's either simply because just are, I employ a better filter on my small email or I embark on less questionable websites, I'll permit you to decide. Check out our compilation of ultimate sporting fails:No longer am I gonna be emailed from the Nigerian prince needing my help sort out his finances or experience an offer for any product that may help me inside an area we can easily all do with a little bit of help with, my very own finances obviously...
However whilst many of us are pretty savvy currently when it comes to which emails are legit and which of them are seeking bank details we definitely really should not be giving that's not the situation for Serie A side Lazio. According to Italian newspaper Il Tempo the Rome side received an e-mail from 'hackers' pretending to become Feyenoord asking with the final €2 million in the Stefan de Vrij deal. Lazio paid the bucks but Feyenoord didn't find the payment and denied any knowledge with the email! De Vrij plus the mystery with the mission 2 million euros.
That's some grade A scamming in front of them! Prosecutors have apparently traced the cash to the Netherlands, therefore it is not too embarrassing for your Italians, but alas the accounts had not do with all the Eredivisie club to make sure they just signed more than a couple of mil to your wrong people, ouch. De Vrij moved on the Stadio Olimpico after impressing for the 2014 World Cup and was rumoured to become listed on Dutch manager Louis van Gaal at Manchester United that summer but chose Lazio instead.De Vrij for the World Cup.
Pretty much from the time that making his move towards the Biancocelesti she has been rumoured to generate that relocate to Old Trafford though with his contract up august and no indications of an extension he could be also being related to Inter Milan and Barcelona, and the like.Still he could end up joining a bank transfer to Nigeria. Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can buy cheap and safe FIFA Coins from MMOAH, fast delivery, all-weather online.
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