A guide for picking the perfect wedding gift


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As the wedding season approaching choosing a perfect wedding gift is very difficult.A wedding is a once in a life time event, so the gift you choose must remind them of their beautiful memory. They may like it or they may not, this dilemma will make you go crazy. If you look up online you will find hundreds of gift ideas but too many options make it more difficult to choose one. After an extensive research I came up with the list of wedding gift ideas which might come in handy. Below are the some of the best wedding gifts one can gift to the couple,

Personalised Gifts: Now a day’s from bath towels to cushions, photo albums to frames, anything can be personalised. Matching bath towels or handmade quilts with initials of the couples would be a nice gift. Engraved silver frame with wedding date and couples name on it is a good choice too.

Registered gifts: Most of the couples register their gifts at a shop; all you need to do is choose from the list of items for which they are registered. Even though it looks very simple when it comes to selection you may not be sure what gift you are going to get them. So, my simple advice is to choose the one which comes in your budget and useful for them for a long time.

Home appliances: Long lists of gifts comes under home appliance from dinner ware to cutlery set, toaster to smoothie maker, decorative art to electronics; you can choose from a wide range of gifts. Depending on the people whom you are going to give you, you can make a decision. I think it’s a perfect gift idea for a couple who is going to start their own life and all these things come into use one or other time in their life.

Donation: If you want to try something different you can donate some amount of money to a charity in the name of the couple. Often people don’t appreciate this kind of gift; think about it twice before you do it.

Expensive Gifts: If someone close to your heart is getting married, you might think of giving them something more expensive. Silver and gold jewellery to honeymoon tickets and expensive leather bags to silver belt buckles you can gift them whatever you want.
Gift cards: If you are still indecisive about the gift then gift cards are the best option for you. They can buy whatever they want at the store with the gift card; I think it may be it is one of the perfect gifts one can give.

Cash: Last but not least you can gift them envelope of cash which they can use it on their honeymoon or to buy something in to their home. It is the simple and yet very useful gift one could give on a wedding day.

Here the difficult part is choosing the gift which will last forever and whenever they use it reminds them of the person who gifted them. Now, it is easy for you to choose the perfect wedding gift for your friends or family or for anybody.
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