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PVR launches UPI to enable customers to make payments online

article PVR Cinemas, the largest cinema exhibition company in India, today launched a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for its 122 properties across the country. The option will enable customers to make online payments via UPI in addition to net banking, wallets and credit/debit cards. "This will be the first large-scale roll-out of UPI by any cinema chain in India. All of pvrcinemas.com users will have access to making payments via UPI starting today," the company said in a statement. UPI is a unique payment solution built to empower customers to initiate payment requests through their smartphone. It provides a Virtual Payment Address (VPA), through which users can send and receive money on a two-factor authentication. "Anyone with a smart phone and a bank account will be able to be... Read more

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The Middle East continues to hit the highest figures when it comes to Ecommerce and that too, on global standards. This is one of the fastest growing online shopping markets around without a shadow of a doubt. And it demands a study in-depth. Read on!

The primary reason why online searching has been penetrating within the recent years isn't simply because web got quicker, however there's a lot to the argument. Experts are betting on ecommerce stores selling things as dear as super cars like Lamborghini and Porsche, to things as trivial as their daily groceries. Secondly, with the recent infrastructure and industrial advancements the urban crowd has become busier and more time-consuming to nonchalantly drive by nearest the Mall. Sitting on the comfort of your couch is much higher than plagued by this ordeal and a rising range of shoppers are adopting this trend as a life-style.

Why folks Purchase Online?

Among the highest grossing regions comes the center East. It would surprise however that the center East ecommerce market is value $7 billion and ecommerce in UAE’s alone is predicted to succeed in $2 billion by 2018. With the growing trends several brick and mortar stores have taken their businesses to the net platform for a lot of reach and exposure. Estimates suggest, nearly 42% Middle East shoppers access their web with the intention to buy from a web store and 87% are happy with their purchase.

Smartphones and Hand-Held Devices:

With the arrival of latest Smartphones, tablets and different hand-held devices, the common online shopper is changing from their ancient desktops to mobile devices wherever they'll buy merchandise while not getting out of the bed. As per a study, one out of three folks within the geographic region made a web purchase from their cellular devices.
The trends additionally show that 46% of online patrons were convinced to buy through their mobile phones out of the 85% folks that access the web with their cellular devices. Seeing the statistics, several businesses in UAE have currently gone onto their websites with responsive styles to permit the users from hand-held devices to access their stores. Mobile-friendly is the name to be for the best Dubai online shopping sites.

Shopper Demographics:

One of the foremost astonishing things regarding the demographics within the geographic region is the average people shopping. A recent survey suggested that the very best proportion of patrons include the younger age population group ageing between 26 and 35 years. Egypt has the very best with 50%, followed by KSA at 46% then Kuwait and UAE with just about a constant 42%.

Social Media Influence inEcommerce:

When it involves online purchases, the influence of social media cannot be sidelined. Social media is one of the most important platforms that facilitate customers decide what to shop for and what not to. Social media campaigns are one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways in which to unfold the exposure of a business and increase its visibility on web. Larger the followers, larger the feedback the users get.

This is just how the fastest growing markets in UAE like Letstango continues to lead the global charts. A perfect day for you to go shopping online?

Letstango is a leading name as one of the fastest growing Dubai online shopping sites. Catering to the Middle East market, they are rapidly becoming a leading brand in the global Ecommerce picture.
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