So, How Would You Find Out What You Lacked in Your Preparation? Read on to Find:-


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Topic- wise Scrutiny:

No, it’s not that tough. To do self-analysis, you just simply need to introspect yourself and know your intentions and motivation. Go through the study routine that you had or the roadmap decided by the CMAT Coaching in Mumbai that you attended. Try to find out honestly where did you falter in your preparation and how much value was the time you put in for preparation.

Topic- wise Scrutiny:

Next up, you must start out dissecting the topics that you studied. Find out the one you might have missed or the areas where you lacked. This is essential as it will give you a clear understanding of what needs to be done next time.

Once you are done with the scrutiny, the next step would be to shut the preparation door for a while.

Don’t burn out:

Burn out is a real issue. After the rigorous training, preparation and the exam, you must take time off after doing a thorough analysis of yourself and your study. Go for a small vacation, enjoy with friends and then recollect yourself to start the preparation afresh. This will help you a lot.

Take Mock Test:

Now that you feel ready and the motivation to try again filling your thought, take a mock test of the topics you are comfortable in. This will boost your morale and inspire confidence within you.

The confidence will surely act as a tonic to go further with your preparation and invigorate the ambition within you for cracking exam like CAT/XAT/CMAT.

How about joining an MBA entrance class in Mumbai?

Well, repeaters have again the upper hand when studying complicated topics, doing complex questions and taking mocks in coaching classes. This will help you revise the topics easily and quickly.
The other advantage of joining CMAT Classes in Borivali or Ghatkopar like places is that you will find experienced and qualified mentors. These mentors will ably motivate and guide you which might be very helpful.
If you are looking for CMAT Coaching Classes in Ghatkopar West which would really help you in all aspects of exams like CAT/XAT/CMAT, join MBA Pathshala. It is one of the leading coaching institutes in Mumbai where mentors who are CAT toppers and top B-school graduates provides an exceptional training program. Join the super-30 batch today. Visit http://www.mbapathshala.com/
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