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Your New Backyard Chicken Coop in Five Easy Steps

article Chickens have always been toted as one of the most space-efficient farm animals, which is part of the reason why they're such an awesome animal to raise in your backyard. Chicken coops and the poultry equipment required to raise chickens don't require that much room and they're not that hard to build either. Building a chicken coop is as simple as following the five proceeding steps. 1. Have a Blue Print or Design in Mind Like everything else in life, planning is required in order to build a no hassle chicken coop. You need to consider the number of chickens that you'll be raising, what the size of the adult chickens is, the number of nests you'll need to furnish your coop with and how easy you'll be able to enter and exit the chicken coop. Whatever you do in thi... Read more

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An exclusive headboard will be the centerpiece of your bedroom and it will have your DIY expertise behind it! Only a few basic pieces from the hardware shop and Rust-Oleum Truworth Spray Paint and you will make a unique headboard that can fit on the wall behind any bed.

This simple DIY project will transform your room into a natural retreat. An old door is changed into a lovely headboard and it just takes a few coats of Chalked Paint and some decorative trim. Follow the below steps:-

1)Shake the primer can for one moment after the mixing ball rattles. Spray the primer on one side of the luan wood backboard in slow, forward and backward motions, covering each stroke for best coverage.


2)Let primer dry for roughly 30 minutes and spray on the Gloss Deep Slate in a similar manner. Let dry for around 30 minutes.


3)Spray the already primed wood pieces with the Gloss Deep Slate and let dry for roughly 30 minutes.


4)Spray the metal pieces with the Metallic Copper Rose Spray Paint in steady motions to cover the entire piece. Give all pieces dry for hardly 60 minutes.


5)When all pieces are dry to the touch, format your pieces on the luan wood and measure equal spacing.


6)Attach wood trim pieces to the luan wood with a hammer and nail, trying to connect the pricked metal in the middle.


7)Connect hook and eye hardware to each side of the back of the luan wood and string hanging wire between them.


8)Hang your delightful perfect work of art above your bed and enjoy!


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