Interesting Places To Visit In Greater London


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Each and every corner of London is filled with some form of attraction, making it one of the best places to visit on a holiday. While the tourist attraction is the one prime reason for loving this city, the street shops can also be yet another major attraction.
While there are many factors for visiting this city, tourists tend to come here over and over again. As a result of this, there are a number of hotels that provides its visitors the best form of comfort and luxury. The Park Grand Hyde Park London can be tagged as one of the best places to stay. Even for the food lovers, the restaurants in Hyde Park will show some love to your taste buds.

Attractions in Greater London

When so many things are being said about this lovely city London, it’s time to let you know about some major destinations that shouldn’t be given a miss at all.

1.Hampton Court Palace: Located on the northern bank of Thames, this is one of the most interesting royal palaces, that is located on the southwest side of the city. While there are many historical aspects associated with this palace, there are also some treasures that are worth seeing.

2.Chessington World of Adventures Resort: London makes it an awesome tourist city with its adventure and theme parks. One such example is the Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Starting from rides, markets, Mystic East to even a zoo, this place is a great place to visit with kids.

3.RHS Garden Wisley: Featuring a number of plants from the tropical, dry and different other habitats, this showpiece garden is widespread across 250 acres and boasts of unique and premium gardening techniques
4.Where Charles Darwin Evolved: Down House: Charles Darwin lived in this house for more than 40 years and one of his most important and famous publications, On the Origin of Species was written within its wall. Till date, the house has been preserved in the same way as it used to be during the days of Darwin.

5.Osterley Park and House: This is a villa which is spread across 140 acres of land and is located in close proximity to the Heathrow airport. The architecture features Georgian style of designing. This ‘palace of the Palaces’ is very colorful and is beautifully preserved.

6.Claremont Landscape Garden: This garden, which is 300 years old, has a very tranquil environment featuring a lake, a beautiful island, several viewpoints and works of several gardeners all around the globe.

7.Brooklands Museum: This is quite an amazing place to visit where you can have a glance at history. This museum houses Concorde, which is the only one in the entire southeast that is open for public viewing. Also, this museum has jet fighters, fighter-bombers, racing car and many more.

8.Hatfield House: This was constructed in the early 17th century and is famous for its amazing architecture. Even the interior is beautifully designed and contains some of the outstanding collections of paintings and art.

9.Museum of The Order of St John: This entire museum is dedicated to St. John and holds moments and pictures of his accomplishments. Also, there are several archeologically findings to get amazed off.

10.Royal Air Force Museum London: It was once famous as the aerodrome of Claude Grahame-White, the famous pilot. Today, it is a museum that houses over 70 fighter planes and other precious records and stuff.

So, these are some of the interesting places that will let you know more about this amazing city and make you fall in love with it.
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