How easily could i reset my windows xp administrator password!


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For security purpose you put password on your windows OS that no one can access your device.But there might be possibility when you may forget your password .AT that time you need to recover your password to access your device.

How to reset windows xp administrator password?

Here are the steps given below to reset windows XP admin password ,you need a look on the given below steps:

You will have to press Control +Alt+del option to load the user login panel of your windows.

Then press the OK button.

You need to reset using safe mode ,for this you are required to restart your computer then press F8 while the computer is booting then you will have to select safe mode with Command prompt.

To reset password via command prompt ,you need to press the windows key +R to open the run dialogue then type the CMD and press enter.

You will have to press the net user the account name then new password.

To reset password with the help of alternative account,go to my c puter and right click on it then select the Manage option.

Now go to the system tools and select the local users and groups then click on the user option.

Here you need to find your user account then right click on it then select the set password option.

If you are unable to access computer management by using your own account then you may choose remote access.

For this go to the another computer option then right click on computer management.

You need to select connect to another computer.

Here you need to type your IP address of the computer and you cn take he Internal IP address.

You may use Live CD or USB drive to reset your password.

Source for more information :http://livehuntz.over-blog.com/2018/03/get-two-quick-ways-to-reset-windows-xp-admin-password.html
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