Magnesium Supplements: Benefits, Deficiency, Dosage, Effects


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Renew Magnesium is an amazing supplement for overall health. Once you start using the Renew you will probably notice it works on the first few minutes. After many dead-ends Michael finally met Dr. Krauss who was able to extract highly concentrated magnesium chloride, together with other trace minerals, from the dead sea the result, is a pure, clear, oil-like substance. It isn’t actually oil. But it feels like oil. Renew is the first solution to bring the healing power of magnesium to your blood stream through the skin to protect against, or even reverse, the medical threats we are experiencing below.

After testing what would make it as easy as possible for people to use it and keep it with them, we designed an easy-to-carry spray bottle where you can spray the magnesium oil anywhere on the body and you’ll get magnesium into your blood stream. But without the embarrassing side effects and discomfort of oral magnesium. And without harmful drugs or side effects. Something that’s never been done before. Other oils have been tested and found to have heavy metals, such as mercury, in them. This is especially true of magnesium oil that is sourced from anything called a “Salt Lake”. We live in a toxic world. The good ol’ days are gone. All the salt lakes today have become reservoirs of industrial chemicals brought by the rain. With the help of this supplement, It treats both the symptom and the cause of pain—meaning the cause of the pain can often be traced back to a magnesium deficiency. There are not too many medicinal substances or medicines that can make this claim.

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