Myths of Fat Loss Shattered


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Carotenoids, or pigment Trimifi Diet enhancing antioxidants, are found in any number of foods. Specifically, lutein is in food which is bright green or yellow, including kale, spinach,

romaine lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, peas, corn, squash and Brussels sprouts. Eating four or five servings of these foods every day will give most of us an adequate amount of


The effectiveness of getting lutein through the diet depends on several factors, including cooking method and delivery. The more a food item is cooked, the more the nutrients

in it break down, so eating vegetables raw or lightly steamed is generally the healthiest method. Also, lutein needs some amount of fat in order to be fully absorbed into the

body, so a light olive oil dressing on your spinach, for instance, will help to improve the delivery of lutein to your system.

Because of this need for fat to ease absorption, one of the best ways to get lutein through your diet is by eating eggs. We know that lutein is in food which is green or yellow

in color, and this includes egg yolks. Because eggs contain a certain amount of natural fats, lutein is more effectively introduced into the body this way.
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