The Secret To Creating Lasting Romance


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Ahhh romance that elusive experience that comes and goes. When we have it we think it will last forever, when we don't we worry that it will never come again. Kinetic Attraction It is an experience that so many crave yet have had so little of in their lives.

True romance feels good. It should not frighten you. If it does not feel good to you then you are confusing romance with all the bad things that happens in dysfunctional relationships.

Do you remember how good it feels when you begin falling in love with someone? The intensity of these good feelings come from our connection with our Source, from many spiritual beings, including our own Inner Being, radiating their enthusiasm and excitement that we have found our hearts desire. This is why they are so powerful.

Good feelings always result from being in alignment with the whole of our being and what we have been asking for. If you already have romance in your life, whether it is a new relationship or one that you have had for a while, you are in a very good place. Your dominant vibration is one of great happiness, great joy and great passion.
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