NGO Registration Requirements


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What is a Non Government Organization?
As the name suggests, it is an organization working independent from the government either state or central. These are organizations formed by citizens voluntarily with an objective to support and advance social, cultural, legal, & environmental and other similar issues. Primarily, these organizations are formed as non-profit charitable institutions.
If anybody is willing to trust registration process, the most important thing is the genuine desire to help others. This intention is the essence of any non-profit organization. NGO should always be registered with a clear vision i.e. the purpose for which the organization is established is very important. And the beneficiary should be clearly defined.
Types of NGO Registration
NGO can be categorized depending upon various factors, like:
• Orientation i.e. depending upon the purpose or vision of the organization,

• Level of Operation: Here, the categories can be based on the scale of operation. For example, regional, state-level, national etc.

• Structure: Any NGO can be established under different Acts and laws in existence. Various options available to any person willing to establish an NGO are-
- Society established as per the provisions of Societies Registration Act, 1860.
- Trust registered as per the applicable Trust Act of the respective state. In the absence of any specific state Act, trust will be registered as per Indian Trusts Act 1882.
- Section 8 Company registered as per the provisions of Companies Act, 2013.

Key Element for NGO Registration
To establish a NGO, there are certain key elements which are required to be finalized before initiating the NGO Registration procedure. These elements or pre-requisites include:
Clear vision or objective of the proposed NGO should be determined. This will determine the field of operation of the organization.

Depending upon the purpose of the NGO, one should decide the structure or form in which will be most suitable for the proposed NGO.

Before registering a NGO, the promoters must form a governing body. This governing body should comprise of group of like-minded and dedicated people who will work for the furtherance of the main objects of the organization.

Name of the NGO is also to be finalized before registering it.

The promoters must have a place as registered office of the NGO. Along with the official address, area and scale of operation is also required to be decided.

The founders must draft the by-laws/ Memorandum and Articles for the proposed organization. Everything relating to rules, objects, responsibilities, dispute resolution procedure etc form part of these by-laws.
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