Is undergoing an abortion that easy?


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What is life after death and who decides our fate? If this is unknown to all then why we do not support a woman undergoing an abortion and compel her to drudgery and make her do tasks which she is unwilling to. Pro-life denies abortion but this is wrong on the part of the person who is living. A woman's thoughts, her decisions are being judged upon and this is done for whom, the entity that has not taken birth has not even felt the air or consider it’s just a part of the person whose decisions are not vital for most of us. Women who wish to undergo abortion try to buy abortion pills online so that the entire issue remains confidential.

To all who feel that abortion is a homicide, I want to say that it is not easy for a woman to end a part of herself but she does it so that the others who are living have a pleasant life or else we would not have had so many orphanages registered. Let's see the side- effects that the women who undergo abortion bear.

The two main types of abortion pills are mifepristone and misoprostol which give the same type of intended side- effects to a woman. The working of both the pills is different. Mifepristone is the anti-progesterone pill that hinders the production of this hormone and the embryo loses its hold from the placenta. Misoprostol helps in diluting the entire uterus and creates contractions that lead to the expulsion of the entire pregnancy tissues in the form of vaginal bleeding. These side-effects are intended because they are a proof that your abortion is successful.

Women face heavy vaginal bleeding that varies, in some cases it’s scant and other cases it’s profuse. These abortion pills stay in the blood for almost the entire period till the abortion completes hence breastfeeding moms are expected not to breastfeed during this tenure as the medication passes to the breast milk creating problems of diarrhoea in the baby. Women also face stomach cramps and at times heavy abdominal pain which is caused due to the contraction occurred in the uterus. There are some more side-effects like
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Sore breasts
• Soporific tendencies

But beyond these side effects, the thing to look upon is the complications that women can face. Some women suffer from heavy bleeding for continuously 12 hours to the extent that 2 or more maxi- pads are soaked in an hour.
It becomes a matter of concern if the women pass clots for continuously two hours larger than a big sized lemon.

High fever and unbearable pain in the pelvic region and smelly vaginal discharge is a serious symptom suggesting some internal infection being caused. These have to be treated as early as possible as these can lead to pelvic infection in future.
All these problems cannot be taken care of alone. We all need to support the decisions of a woman so that she does not feel lonely or this will lead to serious depression known as postpartum depression that may last for a prolonged time. Come ahead and support mankind at least this can convince the pro-life supporters for these women.
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