6 essentials of writing a mobile app RFP


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When yours is a mobile app development service and someone finally came forth with a project, it’s time to roll the vendors. Choosing the right app development company can be challenging as it should be the right fit for your business as well as the project. That’s when mobile app RFP comes in and an effective one can definitely make things a lot easier. It helps weeding out feeble links and get you hooked with the best company.

1. Mobile app RFP in a glance
A contract, agreement or document that app development vendor and service provider establishes outlining all the requirements of mobile app is referred to as RFP. The entire app development process is then performed under the standards as highlighted in the agreement.

For an iPhone application development in Dubai, you’ll need a detailed RFP for more accurate information pertinent to the project specifications. With this, you can find the best development associate to work with rather than depending on guesswork.

2. It’s more than the app
An app definitely comes with added features and specification per the user needs for which a mobile RFP provides all the necessary details. Should there be a need for APIs with various tools or services? Would there be back-end server deployment? Are UI/EX services required in full or solution would be designed internally? All these considerations are defined in a comprehensive RFP.

3. Delivery isn’t the end of mobile apps
Any queries about ongoing support and maintenance are also highlighted in the document. The pace at which the mobile platform is changing, it isn’t uncanny for an app to be considered outdated after six or eight months of its initial release. You’d surely need maintenance and updates frequently for which the vendor should provide appropriate level of support.

4. Budget would solicit responses
Budget helps in qualifying poor fit in/out responses very early in the process which is why it must be included in the app RFP thus saving time ultimately. Mobile agencies nowadays are dynamic and versatile from every aspect be it size, cost, operations and quality of work so you’ll definitely face some challenge in picking the right one. A budget range thus eliminates a large number of vendors that just don’t fit right.

5. Project scope influences the timeline
A range of services from simple consultancy to app store delivery are offered by mobile app agencies. If the project is inaccurately scoped, development and delivery timeline is likely to extend unnecessarily. An RFP thereby presents more questions than answers so you can conveniently break the timeline per specific service and area of product development.

6. Comprehensive mobile RFP is for a superb project
Include as much details in the RFP as possible to get the best understanding of the app requisites. If you’re lucky to partner with the best iPhone application development in Dubai, they’ll surely recommend on functionality of the app with enough details to get things done with perfection.

Now that you’re familiar with essentials of drafting an RFP, a superb mobile application is likely to come forth.
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