Why travellers should know about cycling safety in the lovely Ocean City in Maryland


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Travellers who like to bike around a vacation spot when on holiday will adore heading to the brilliant Ocean City that offers them this opportunity. The US city has a famous three-mile boardwalk that is the ideal spot to have a cycle down admiring the stunning views of the sea. Something that tourists should keep in mind is that their safety is important when on a bike, especially in a new city. When travellers who are cycling around are faced with cars, buses and pedestrians then they need to consider their safety. Bikes are allowed on the boardwalk throughout the year, but there are some festivals when cyclists are not permitted to ride.

It is important for travellers to be aware that there are often bumps along the boardwalk, so they should cycle in a safe manner. Tourists must be aware of any low-flying seagulls and look out for young children that may run out in front of them. When cycling on the street it is important that travellers are again aware of their surroundings. The streets are obviously busy with cars, buses and pedestrians, which gets busier in the summer months during peak holiday season. There are a number of fabulous places to venture to for a break including the wonderful MD Grand Hotel and Spa that offers a top accommodation for travellers.

A great place to stay is the Grand Hotel and Spa that offers tourists easy access to many attractions and sights. This impressive residence offers lovely rooms with bay views that contain an array of amenities including a television, mini-fridge and coffee maker. The air-conditioned living spaces have free Wi-Fi internet and contain beautiful furniture that will make any guest feel at home. The residence has five eateries offering some of the best restaurants in Ocean City MD including venues with American-style breakfasts and freshly baked pizza. Tourists will appreciate the indoor and outdoor pools, the sauna and popular Aqua Spa that provides plenty of amazing therapies that will relax travellers on holiday.

Travellers should obey cycle laws when heading to Ocean City, so must halt at all red lights and stop signs. It is obviously important to ride in the direction of traffic, which means north on the northbound side and south on the southbound side. It is illegal to ride a bicycle on the pavement or sidewalk, and travellers must make sure they do not cycle when they are drunk on alcohol. Travellers should definitely ensure they keep both hands on the handlebars and avoid wearing headphones to listen to music when they cycle as this could be dangerous.

Bikes should have a light on the front a red reflector is needed for the back, so that drivers and pedestrians can see them easily at night. There are some amazing bike trails to try out when visiting Ocean City such as through Northside Park that has lovely paths and superb playgrounds for young tourists to enjoy. Assateague Island is a wonderful place for a bike ride as there are plenty of scenic routes to choose from. Tourists can have a leisurely ride across this area and look out for the beautiful wild ponies that are found on this island.
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