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How to Make the Best of your Cell Phone Camera

You just came home from a mobile shop all happy because you bought a great and expensive 8-megapixel camera phone and can’t wait to put it to use. When you do, however, you feel cheated, is this the picture quality you gave all that money for? Surely, with 8 megapixels you should be able to take much better photos. The fact is, you shouldn’t automatically blame the phone, the problem just might lie in your lack of skill. That’s why it’s not bad to know a couple of basic things that will help you to use the full potential of your camera phone. First of all, you should study the effects your camera offers, if you are not sure about what something does try it, look it up on the internet and if you still don’t know, just don’t use it, stick with what you know. One of t... Read more

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