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Wholetones Learning to play a musical instrument can be immensely beneficial, regardless if the student is a child or an adult. Music, as they say, is the universal language after all. Just staying still and silent while listening to a song or a piece of music can already move you, make you feel all kinds of emotions; being able to create or play that music, on the other hand, brings a new dimension to the experience of musical enjoyment. Melody - The melody or tune of a song is what most people hear when listening to music, the chords, drums, bass are very important in supporting the melody but the average person hears the tune. The best melodies are simple, easy to remember and easy to sing along with. However the goal of good melody writing is to make the tune simple but no... Read more

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Click here>$@%>http://www.tripforgoodhealth.com/viallisis/
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