Reasons why you should uninstall snapchat


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The Snapchat app for Android works regularly pulling for worse . In my LG G3 the application is slow, unstable, and makes the phone very hot. It is true that my phone is not the best there is today, but I could try the app on a S7 edge, a Mi 5 and an LG G5 and it works just as badly . In iOS works really well.

It's easier to get followers

That is one of the main problems of Snapchat, unless you use social networks to talk with four friends, which is not my case. In Snapchat I do not have the ability to get followers , unless they are in my contact list or know my user. To make my user known, I have to do SPAM on other social networks -which will lose followers on those networks- or give it to another person manually, but they can not find me as they can on Instagram.

Upload photos from the gallery

Essential in my opinion. Why do I have to be forced to take the picture at the moment? What if I want to upload something that happened this morning, yesterday, or last week? On Snapchat upload from gallery is not possible, but on Instagram Stories yes. In fact, I can upload any photo I have in the gallery , I have taken it when I have taken it. I just have to move it from the folder or pass it from the computer, although Instagram says it must have been taken in the last 24 hours.

That Snapchat does not let me upload photos of the gallery seems a delay. The application forces me to take it at the moment , with the phone camera, but it does not let me upload a nice photo that I have taken with the SLR at any time. What's the use of uploading photos if I have to do it in a shabby way with the phone's camera? To upload ugly photos, better not upload them.

I can segment the content

Another thing absolutely essential. On Instagram I can publish my professional content and my personal content . If I want my professional content to be visible to everyone, I just have to upload it to my gallery; If I want my personal content to only be seen by my followers, I just have to mark an option in the settings. That's another thing I can not do on Snapchat.
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