Is it any good taking part in online photo contests?


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Lately photo contests are creating a lot of buzz and we must admit that all these are because of two things. Firstly, the digital photography whereby you need not have to go through a tedious process of developing the photos which is also an expensive affair and secondly the internet technology which allows people to take part in the contests from any part of the world.

There might be lot of buzz in the industry about these photo contests but does it give you the photographer enough reason to participate in them? What exactly do you gain taking part in these competitions? Should you invest your time in these competitions? The answer is both yes and no. If you can find the best photo contests out there then there are many benefits. If not then you are wasting your time even if you are going to join free photo contests.

Let us assume that you manage to find the best contests whatever that should mean, then what exactly do you gain from these contests? Firstly, to be successful as a photographer you will need a lot of experience. You will get that experience when you take part in these photo contests online. Many photographers take part in these contests just for the sake of this experience. You will be able to take your level to a whole new level and identify your own strengths, which you would not have identified otherwise.

When you take part in photo contests, you will be able to understand your own skills in terms of what genres work for you. When it comes to photography, it is not just about pointing and shooting, but it more about bringing the subject alive through your photos. Not every photographer will be able to bring this life out in all types of subjects. This is where you need to identify what genre suits you and what subjects speak to you. These photo contests will be one good way of finding that out.

Feedback is going to be one big take away from these photo contests. Some of the contests do not send any feedback to the contestants because of the volume of photos submitted. However, there are contests that send individual expert feedback to the contestants. If you could find such contests it will do a world of good. You can improve a great deal through these feedbacks because people who judge these photos are highly experienced photographers assuming that the contests you are joining are good ones. You cannot send your work to these experienced photographers on your own accord if it were not to be for these contests. Therefore you have one big advantage of getting the personal attention of top photographers through these photos. You certainly do not want to miss this opportunity.

Finally, your work gets some visibility and if you win the title, your popularity in the industry increases. You can add these titles to your profile and make it really colourful.

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