How to choose the right synthetic turf for your residence in Brisbane?


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If you live in a low water area or if you're just tired of constant lawn maintenance, you're at the right place. More owners aresaving time, water and their backs by switching from real grass to artificial one. Synthetic grass is becoming over more popular in Australia as it requires virtually low maintenance but will always stay looking great. But how do you choose the right quality grass, so that you get different from the real thing?

Colour of the synthetic turf

One thing that you will need to think about when choosing synthetic turf in Brisbane is the colour of it. Unlike the old Astroturf, now the synthetic turf is not available in the single shade of the green. Now with the advancement of new technology, you can avail these synthetic grass in different shades of the green, which means now you can have the colour that looks the most natural in your garden.

Choose the right variety

Another thing to consider is that synthetic grass also comes in a number of different varieties. The blade of grass comes in different sizes, so they can mimic with the original variety of the grasses. When you are looking for the artificial turf in Brisbane, choose one that looks like the natural lawns that you find in your area, as it will feel better and will look more like the real thing. This means you don't want to use a cool species grass in a warm climate and vice versa.

Consider the softness of the lawn

Something else to consider when looking for the artificial grass is the softness of the lawn. These grasses range from types that feel quite firm underfoot to types that are soft and springy, just like a real lawn. If you don't actually use your lawn much, you can consider getting away with a harder lawn. However, if you have kids and pets that play on the lawn constantly, you must invest in a soft springy lawn that does not heat up when the sun beats down on it.

Choose the grass that will go a long distance

Of course, a large part of choosing your synthetic grass is making sure that it is going to last for the long days. The best way to do this is to by choosing a grass with a good warranty. Look for grass warranty that is at least 10 years and preferably more. The artificial grass should last for at least 20 years before it starts to wear and tear. Also, an experienced installer will also make a huge impact on how it feels underfoot and how much time lasts.
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