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Oveena is designed to battle the aging of the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles, dark circles, crow's feet as well as various other issues old go away. This is a quick as well as packed with activity formula rapidly with your skin, lowering the indicators of aging on the spot. This assists to recover the cohesion of the skin and versatility to keep reinforcing the collagen and also elastin levels as well as sources to preserve the skin and also keep the water degree to keep your skin moist in any way times. Additionally, this formula is packed with a high level of face firming peptides and various other all-natural components that this item is easy to use as well as do it properly. Your continued use this formula might aid boost the skin structure makes your skin young trying ... Read more

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在生活中,我們總會遇到通話時需要錄音的情況,這貌似簡單的動作,對于iPhone手機用戶來講卻是個麻煩。雖然在App Store上有不少錄音軟件,但有些免費軟件有一定局限性,好一點的軟
  在生活中,我們總會遇到通話時需要錄音的情況,這貌似簡單的動作,對于iPhone手機用戶來講卻是個麻煩。雖然在App Store上有不少錄音軟件,但有些免費軟件有一定局限性,好一點的軟件又要花錢購買,真是爲難啊!
  不過,這個苦惱很快就可以解決了,因爲現在有一款可以錄音的iPhone手機殼出現了。有了它你既可保護iPhone手機,也不用下載app就能實現錄音哦!據了解,這款名叫JIC的手機殼,是專門爲iPhone 5以上型號的手機(不包括Plus的型號)設計。它主要由矽膠iphone 6s 手機殼和塑料材質錄音裝置兩個部分組成。在手機殼背部錄音按鈕、回放按鈕和揚聲器由上到下排列。用戶在打電話時只需要按一下錄音開關鍵就可以了,同時它還支持錄制通話時的雙向語音。
  而在手機殼兩側分別是充電接口和Micro SD卡槽。據介紹,JIC手機殼電池充滿電後,在不使用時會自動進入睡眠模式,能待機一年;而使用狀態下可以持續錄音8個小時。錄音音頻文件以MP3格式存儲于外置SD卡中,用戶可以把音頻轉移在電腦上去收聽。此外,買手機殼時會被附贈2GB容量存儲卡,可存儲至少20小時的錄音文件。目前,JIC手機殼已上架IndieGoGo衆籌網站,早鳥價格爲29美元的最低促銷價格買到。喜歡的朋友,不妨留意手機殼專賣店的發售訊息。本文由MUDS配件中心出品(http://www.muds.com.tw/
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