Generic viagra an instant solution to manhood and depressed orgasm


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Life seems to take a bitter turn when your orgasm turns out to be a failure because of ED. Everything seems to fall out of its place. Your days are full of depression, there is lack of confidence, uneager to work, tedious feeling all the time. Generic Viagra is an answer to all these unmanaged thoughts and a solution to your erectile dysfunction.

Generic viagra falls in the group of PDE5 inhibitors and it contains the element Sildenafil Citrate which works for the erectile dysfunction issue. The substance relaxes the blood vessels thus allowing more blood flow to the penis area and allowing a prolonged erection. It not only holds for erection but also works for premature ejaculation. Nevertheless, the erection stands for 3-4 hours.

The drug acts for the case of impotence and not on your sexual desire to have sex. Sexual desire is an instinct that is created in your brain and GV doesn’t have any stimulation in your brain. Your life can be easier with the drug only when you have the urge to have sex. The doses of Generic Viagra are available at 50 mg dose and 100mg dose. Normally patients are suggested with the 50 mg dose or in some cases, 100mg is also given. But if the results are unseen at these doses also it is highly recommended to meet the doctor before increasing the dose further because at times it is seen that just increasing the dose leads to more side effects than increasing its positive effects.

You can easily buy generic viagra online without much of inconvenience as this drug is rarely available in the pharmacies. There isn’t any difference between Generic Viagra and Viagra as the term ‘Generic’ means that it inhabits all the qualities of the brand. It works exactly the same as its brand with the same ingredients present, the same amount of doses to be taken and the same benefits and the same side effects to be encountered.
The only difference is that you can buy generic viagra online at a much cheaper rate with the exact same benefits as its brand name.

Generic viagra can be taken with food or without food just one hour before the commencement of your activity. You can face basic side effects which can be handled with a little of care. But there are strict precautions that need to be taken if you are suffering from any health hazards previously, like problems with the kidney, heart, liver or lungs. So it is strictly advised to take the drug only after getting a positive response from the doctor. This drug cannot be taken with any form of nitrates so it is necessary to disclose your health history or any kind of medications with the doctor before consuming Generic Viagra.
Erectile dysfunction isn’t something to be worried off too much as it can be caused due to increasing age, cardiovascular disease, high level of cholesterol and more precisely due to increasing obesity. Curing these diseases can help you to return back to your fertile stage. Initially, you can start with basic exercises and later undergo hardcore work-out in order to maintain a good physical health and an exciting sex life.
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