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Forgot Toshiba Windows 8 Password? How to Reset it?

Why Need to Reset Toshiba Windows 8 Password? “I forgot my admin password for my Toshiba Portege laptop. How do I recover or reset it without losing my data? I have Windows 8 OS. Portege R700-S1312. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.” From John. Helen:“I forgot the user password to my Toshiba laptop. how can i recover it without losing all my saved data? its a Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows 8” “Windows 8 forgot administrator password on Toshiba. Is there any way to reset the administrator password?” From Tony. How to Reset Toshiba Password Windows 8? Forgot your password for signing in to Windows 8 on your Toshiba? There are several ways to bypass the forgotten password, depending on what type of account you set up on Toshiba. 1. Use y... Read more

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