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<CENTER><IMG border=1 alt="CARE awards $2 million in carpet recycling grants" src="http://www.recyclingtoday.com/FileUploads/image/rolls-of-carpet.jpg?w=736&amp;h=414&amp;mode=crop" width=736 height=414></CENTER> <P>arpet America Recovery Effort's (CARE's) California Carpet Stewardship Program has formally signed contracts to distribute approximately $2 million in grant funding for six capital improvement and three product testing projects, with 85 percent of funding allocated for California-based projects. The award funding will result in millions of pounds of recycled California-generated postconsumer carpet (PCC) output and tens of new California jobs by the end of 2016, says CARE in a press release.</P> <P>The grant funding supports ca... Read more

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