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Basic welding skills can be utilized by everyone. I took a welding class this term to learn the basics about welding so that I could do it for recreational and hobby purposes whenever I needed to. So, knowing that teaching a lesson about a subject helps me retain the information better, I was inspired to create my lesson to not only help others but better my knowledge on the subject.
This Lesson is directed to a person who has very little knowledge about welding but has a basic grasp of general welding and general terminology. It is important for anyone who wants to fix, repair, or construct anything from metal to be able to properly weld. Welding can be used for recreational purposes (like I do), or as a profession. This teaching module will help you learn the basic techniques to lay down a simple bead weld using a shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) machine.
Learning objectives
After this lesson, you should be able to properly identify all the safety equipment needed to use a SMAW Welding, arc welder, the welding equipment itself, and be able to start the hands-on process of laying down a bead weld with an arc welder.
Tools Needed to Complete the Lesson
Safety equipment
• 1 pair of Gauntlet Gloves
• 1 pair of pliers
• 1 arc welding shield/helmet w/ #10 shaded lens
• Safety goggles w/ shatterproof lenses
• 1 bucket of water
• Appropriate clothing
• Long sleeve shirt, full-length pants, leather shoes (no frayed clothing)
Welding Equipment
• 1 Arc welding machine
• Arc welding rods (6013 or 6011)
• Piece of steel to work on
• Wire brush
• Slag Hammer
• Historical Significance
Today, virtually every large metal object is welded together in some way shape or form. Individual members of all steel structures, including buildings, bridges, cell phone towers, and other structures are welded together. All automobiles, buses, and trains are welded together. The welding process created long ago allows us to live the way we do today.
As it is with most construction and fabrication fields, women are vastly outnumbered when it comes to welders. Welding is simply technique, and women can perform the task just as effectively as men.
Personal Experience
I am a complete novice when it comes to welding. I only have approximately 40 hours of hands-on welding experience. Although I can explain to you the technique needed to lay down a bead, I know from personal experience that you will require lots of practice before you can do it effectively and efficiently.
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