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Modafinil is a drug which has been a job saver to a lot of people. It is very obvious that people do feel sleepy and sometimes also do not feel like working and are very sleepy but not all the time this happens due to certain late night party or waking up late at night. There are some who undergo certain sleep disorders which they cannot control anyway and have to deal with them which is why they feel sleepy and are unable to work at their workplace in peace. The very first disorder which a person faces is narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disorder wherein people face issues by facing extreme sleep whenever they are in a surrounding which is very relaxing. People suffering from this do not have a control over their sleep and tend to fall asleep whenever they are in some sort of relaxing ... Read more

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Tramadol is basically a pain relief medicine. It relives the moderate as well as severe pain. This medication is not preferred if you have severe breathing problems and if you have any sought of blockage in your intestine or stomach. Even if you have taken any other medication or alcohol you are not supposed to consume this medication.

Tramadol can lead to breathing problem. This medicine is prescribed to be consumed as per instruction because it also leads to drug addiction. This pill is not suggested for the children below the age of 12year. You should not consume this pill when you are pregnant it may cause life-threatening symptoms to the baby. You should avoid this pill if you had any head injury or if you are consuming antidepressant medications. It is available in a pill so you should avoid crushing it into powder or injecting because it may give you a bad effect or even may lead to death. If you are allergic to any medicine you should this pill. If you are intaking tramadol and you are breastfeeding or are pregnant it may affect the baby or it may happen that the baby gets the habit of drugs consuming, so it is necessary to inform the doctor if you have kidney, liver, stomach, mental illness.This pill should be taken as it is advised by a doctor.

You can also use it as per prescription label. If you are a beginner and using this pill for the first time or the dose is being changed your breath may slow down.You should not suddenly stop the medication it may adversely affect your health. If you want to stop your treatment you may consult your doctor. The dosage of the pill only till doctor prescribes otherwise it may lead to addiction as well as death. It is recommended that you are not supposed to share these pills with some as someone can misuse them by overdosing or addicting. If you missed yourdose you are not supposed to take a medication again to make up for a missed dose. If you overdose yourself you should seek immediately for a medical help.

Overdose can be harmful to children and also for people who consume it without prescriptions. Tramadol dosage is available in25mg, 50mg and 100mg.Tramadol 50mg is used when you need the treatment around the clock. Depression pills, narcotic medication, sleeping pills, muscle relaxer are not to be consumed with this pills. Doctors mostly don't prescribe this medicine for low pain. Hence you have to buy tramadol online. This pill is used only for relief of pain so it is not necessary that you should continue using it for a long time. Even if you don’t have any prescription you can buy tramadol online. This pill is addictive but there is less risk of addiction due to this pill. The dosage of this pill is as per the tolerance of a person. Hence tramadol 50mg, 100mg is given only to the patients who can bear the power of the pill.
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