Want to Purchase a Home Before 30? Follow 6 Smart Ways!


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If you are just 30 and have decided to purchase your own dream home on a Home Loan, we must congratulate you on your decision to do. It is because even many well-to-do individuals are unable to have their own abode even after their retirement.

You must have made all smart decisions in your life, and that’s what may have helped you make another bold move – to have a home of your own!

However, deciding to buy a home and purchasing it are two different things. Why? If you don’t plan your home purchase prudently, many ensuing things may fall apart! One of the many smart ways to implement would be availing a Home Loan for purchasing a home.
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In the context of the same, let’s quickly provide you six smart ways to buy a home so that your investment is worth every penny.

Pick a convenient location

Before apply for a housing loan, ensure that you have selected a location that’s easy accessible from your office, has a good surrounding, a safe area and a proper street lighting. The area should also have some nearby shops for daily needs such as vegetable shops, poultry, meat and fish shop, ATMs, banks, hospitals, school, medical stores, post office and more.

Boost your credit score

A strong credit score proves your creditworthiness to lenders that you are safe bet and if they provide you a Housing Loan, you would repay it easily. Maintaining a good CIBIL score is easy. Keep paying all your existing loan EMIs, credit card outstanding, do not max out your credit card and be ‘Home Loan’ ready. Want to know how much how would be able to afford? Use a Home Loan calculator available with leading lenders. You can also the Home Loan EMI calculator to determine an EMI amount that you could afford.

Shortlist a credible lender

Do not jump on to close your Home Loan deal in a jiffy. Rather, compare all offers from leading online lenders on a third-party website including the House Loan interest rate. Once you get all offers, think over it and finalize a creditor as per your affordability and the Home Loan interest rate offer.

Purchase only what you can afford

Having a good Home Loan eligibility and CIBIL score should not mean that you go all out and purchase a very costly home. When it comes to Housing Loans, it would be wiser for you to avail it quickly and repay it soon. It would not be advisable to buy an expensive home and land in a financial trap forever.

Avail the right Home Loan interest rate

Another vital step to think over for a young buyer like you is to finalize a lender offering an inexpensive Home Loan interest rate. Don’t opt in for a floating Home Loan interest rate because it will cough up more out of your monthly income. Go for a fixed Home Loan interest rate, calculate it using the Home Loan calculator and see what would suit you best!

Apply online and forget hassles

Did you know you could apply for an online Home Loan on a leading lender’s website by entering some personal, income and other details? If your Home Loan eligibility matches the terms and conditions of the lender, they may approve your Housing Loan application instantly

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a home on a Home Loan is a big decision and you should consider everything before signing the deal. It becomes even more crucial if you are just in your 30s and purchasing a home. Hence, try to follow all above pointers to have a smooth home buying process.

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