Different types of Silk sarees that you should own today!


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Silk sarees are very famous and are always in trend. Our grandmothers and mothers also treasure the silk fabric. Silk sarees are one of the important additions to your wardrobe. Silk sarees look very graceful, elegant and gives you a traditional and modern look into one and for this silk sarees stand. Silk sarees come in many forms. Below is the list of most popular types of silk sarees and which you can find in the market.
 Benarasi silk saree:
This is the most popular saree and is all time favorite. It is made from golden thread and is worn by brides who love to flaunt these on their special day. These sarees are originated from Banaras and are available in intricate and unique patterns from those times. These saree are available in wonderful mix feasts.

 Kanjeevaram silk Sarees:
Kanjeevaram sarees are for someone who loves premium and fine silk. It is orijinated from Tamilnadu in India and known for its good quality of silk. These sarees are made from golden-silver thread and is famous for its elegance and the fabric. Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram is one most loved saree in a women’s wardrobe. It has very beautiful embroidery and motifs which can leave you breathless.

 Tussar Silk Sarees:
These sarees are made by tribal people from a particular type of silkworm found in South Asia. These sarees come in an impartial tone such as honey and beige. You can join them with bright pink or a red to get the magnificent look. The color combination available in these types of sarees is awesome.
 Bhagalpuri Silk sarees:
These sarees are popular as they are affordable and are available in friendly designs. You can wear this saree on a daily basis and look stylish. There are many choices in this sarees which are endless.

 Art Silk Sarees:
These sarees have newly joined the market. The material of the silk is artificial but it looks like a silk. People can never guess that it is not a silk, it looks original. Hence, these saree is loved by the women who doesn’t want to spend loads of money and can show graceful fabric.

 Baluchari Silk Saree:
Baluchari sarees are orijinated from West Bengal. These sarees are known for their royal look. They have different borders which are designed from the epic stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Saree is available in beautiful patterns.
 Konrad Silk Sarees:
These sarees are manufactured in parts of Tamilnadu in South India. The border of the saree is usually plain with stripes and checks pattern. These sarees are available in bright hues which suits the tastes of all buyers.
 Mysore silk sarees:
It is gift from South India. This sarees are mostly worn in religious ceremonies. It is available in reasonable price when compared to other silk sarees which are highly priced.
 Chanderi Silk Sarees:
Chanderi sarees are originated from Madhya Pradesh. It is a light weight saree which is very easy to carry and is comfortable. The pattern on the sari is taken from chanderi temples.

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