How to change Adobe Flash Player settings in Chrome?


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If you are using Adobe Flash Player in your Google Chrome browser, then you can easily change the Adobe Flash Player. Google Chrome proffers various ways to change the settings of Adobe Flash Player but only a few users know about that.

Here are the steps to change Adobe Flash Player settings in Chrome:

· First of all, open your Google Chrome and then go to a menu that is available at the top right corner.

· Tap on the Options.

· Tap on Tools under the Chrome toolbar and then choose Content Settings option.

· Tap on the Adobe Flash Player under the Cookies.

· After that, Adobe Website Storage Settings panel will open where you can change the settings of Adobe Flash Player.

· Restart Google Chrome to finish the procedure.

With the help of above-mentioned steps, you can easily change the settings of Adobe Flash Player. If you are not capable to do that by your own, then you need to contact Adobe Flash Player technical support where you can get relevant assistance from the certified professionals. They will assist at 24/7 hours on every kind of Adobe Flash Player related issues.
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