How do I configure my AOL Mail filters?


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Are you getting tired of finding your favorites mails? Do you want a folder that keeps all the mails in a single folder from a specific contacts? If yes, then you can do that in your AOL mail. AOL allows you to send your mails to specify folder chosen by you and ever send you notification of mails in your phone or AIM.

To access and configure you’re Filters:

1. Visit http://mailsvc.aol.com/en-us/Lite/MailControls/FilterSettings.aspx
Note: This link can only be accessed if you are logged in to your AOL Desktop Software.
2. From that screen click on new filter and a Create a Filter screen will appears.
3. Type in the name you want you want to have in the “Create a filter” named field.
4. Select the Filter criteria for your new mails.
5. Now select what to you to with those emails who match the filter criteria that you have set up.
• Move to a specified folder
• Send an alert to your AIM your mobile phone
6. Now Click on Create and a new window will comes upstaging, “Your action succeeded!”
7. Now Click on OK and you have configured or filtered your mails.

Now, either you can follow these to filter you emails or you can contact Third party AOL Customer Support 1-800-721-0104 Number to get technical assistance to get it resolved.
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