What to wear when the dress code says white tie


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What to wear when the dress code says white tie

Perhaps one of the hardest things in life is choosing the perfect outfit. And when there’s a dress code, all of a sudden the stakes are even higher. But it doesn’t have to be, because we’re here to decode all your fears, queries and questions about every single dress code.

White tie is traditionally the most formal of all the dress codes, the ultimate formal outfit for only the fanciest affairs — think, the Met Gala, Oscars, or an extra special wedding.

For men, this one means full suit including a white bow tie, hence the name white tie — but the suit should be black, not white, and shoes should be the proper formal dress, nothing else.

For women, the rules are a little less strict and much more vague, with the criteria really being to wear a long dress. However, as it is the older sister to black tie, we advise to amp it up. Think Blake Lively at Cannes and every old Hollywood star you remember. Go for structure, a gown and show a little décolletage — couture is ideal. For those of us without access to a French couture house, we’d suggest going with a dress with plenty of body and a shape that ultimately flatters you — look good, feel good.

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