10 of the most valuable currencies in the Foreign Exchange market today.


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Buy Forex Currency exchange is fast becoming a very popular financial transaction. The rise in the need for foreign currency can be attributed to the increased foreign trips, both personal and business. The rise in number of people moving away from their homes to foreign lands for jobs, studies, etc. is also fueling the rise in forex needs. The world is fast becoming a global village and there’s always a chance you might need to exchange money in the near future. To keep you informed regarding the matter, this article will highlight some of the world’s most expensive currencies and their value as of today against the INR.
Number 10th the US Dollar:

This is probably one of the most common currencies in the foreign exchange market. But even so, this currency finds its place at the bottom of our ’10 most valuable currencies’ list. As of this moment, it would take you 62.87 Indian Rupees to buy one US Dollar.

The 9th most valuable currency in the Foreign Exchange market - The Swiss Franc:

The abbreviation for the Swiss Franc is CHF, this is because the Latin name for Switzerland is Confederation Helvetica and the currency of the country is called Francs, hence the abbreviation CHF. CHF is also the currency of Liechtenstein. If you are looking to some Swiss Francs for your travels to Switzerland, you can expect to shell out around Rs. 67.25 for single CHF.

The 8th most valuable currency – the Euro:

The Euro is probably the second most common traded currency after the US Dollar. This currency is used by 19 countries out of the 28 member European Union. The Euro has one of the highest value of coins and bank notes in circulation today with a combined value of around 11,100,00,00,000 Euro. If you are looking to buy Euros, you can expect a rate of nearly Rs. 76.74 for every Euro you buy.

7th is the Caymanian Dollar.

Also known as KYD, this currency is the currency of the Cayman Islands. The most common exchange rates for this currency is the US Dollar to KYD Currency exchange rates. One KYD will cost your around Rs. 77.89 as of today’s exchange rates.

Number 6th is Gibraltar Pound.

As the name suggest, this is the currency of the Gibraltar Islands. This currency is most commonly exchanged with the British Pound Sterling at par values. One GIP is worth Rs. 84.04 at today’s exchange rates.

5th on the list is the Pound.

This is the 4th most traded currency in world behind the USD, the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Most people think that this currency is only used in the UK, however, the Pound if also the official currency of Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, The British Antarctic Territory and Tristan de Cunha. Buying one Pound could set you back by Rs. 84.18.

The 4th most valuable currency is the Jordanian Dinar.

Abbreviated as JOD, it is one of the 3 Dinars that find themselves in the top 4 most valuable currencies in the Foreign Exchange Market. This currency, along with the new Israeli Shekel, is circulated in Jordan and the West Bank territory. One Jordanian Dinar can cost you as much 90.13 Indian Rupees as of today’s exchange rates.
Number 3rd on the most valuable foreign exchange currencies is the Oman Rial.

This is the currency used in Oman and what’s surprising is that before 1940, Oman used INR as its official currency. Even till this day, the most popular Omani Exchange rate is INR to OMR with a whopping Rs. 167.28 required to buy a single OMR.

Number 2nd the Bahraini Dinar.

This is the second most valuable currency in the foreign exchange market today. This also a very popular currency exchanged in India as Indians are the largest expat group in Bahrain. One BHD will purchase you around 170 INR in today’s market.

And the most valuable currency in the foreign exchange market is the Kuwaiti Dinar.

This oil-rich country has topped the currency value list for a few years now. Kuwaiti Dinar is abbreviated as KWD is most commonly exchanged with the INR owing again to India’s strong expat community in the nation. Buying one KWD could cost you as much as 210.05.

These were some of the most valuable currencies in today’s forex market. If you ever need to buy any of these currencies, there are numerous online forex portals that will provide you these currencies at the best rates and lowest commission charges.
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