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it hit me its the garcinia. Which

Wrong. I am a medical professional as well as a thyroid cancer survivor. I had a patient give me some capsules to try after mentioning weight loss. InĀ  Dyna Garcinia Cambogia pounds and the stuff wiped out my these supplements are not regulated FDA there are no studies but I can tell you this is what happened to me so absolutely NOT recommend any patient taking synthetic thyroid hormone to use to take for 10 years for my hypothyroid. I'm pretty healthy and really only need to loose 10lbs give or take a lb, so I recently started to loose weight the right way and was doing the low calorie thing and exercising, 3 weeks in and a couple of lbs down I decided to use well 2 days later I was feeling exhausted and I mean hypothyroid exhausted, but I didn't think anything of it, then I start... Read more

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