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Employment Pass is a Singapore work visa provided to qualified foreign professional who are employed by a Singapore employer and for foreigners who are business owners. Business owners can be categorizes as employees of their Singapore incorporated company. Moreover Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , Employment Pass applicants are required to have a good educational background, a credible professional experience and a minimum monthly salary of $2,800.

The Immigration department has identified three types of Employment Pass, which will correspond to different level of applicant qualifications. These are the types of Employment Pass:

P1 Pass: For a base salary above S$8,000 a month. P2 Pass: For a base salary above S$4,000 a month. Q1 Pass: For a base salary above S$2,800

The following documents are necessary in processing Singapore Employment Pass Application:

A duly completed Employment Pass application form. The application form must be endorsed by the sponsoring Singapore corporation The Singapore corporation’s stamp or seal must be affixed on the application form. The form must be signed by both the applicant and the authorized signatory of the sponsoring Singapore corporation. A copy of the applicant’s educational certificates and past employment testimonials. Applicant passport-size photograph taken within the past three months. A copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s travel documentpassport. A copy of the Business ProfileInstant InformationRegistration papers of the sponsoring Singapore corporation. A copy of the applicant’s resume. Detailed description of the duties to be performed by the applicant. Detailed description of activities andor products of the employing Singapore corporation.

When the listed documents are already completed Cheap Jerseys From China , you can then proceed to submission in the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), a government body which processed Employment Pass application. You can either have it through online submission or manual submission. When documents are already submitted, waiting time for application result is usually within four weeks for online applications and 6 weeks for manual applications.

Once application is approved, In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter will be given as a notification, which will then provide a 6-month period validity during which you are allowed to enter Singapore on a one-time entry visa to collect the Employment Pass. However, you can also authorize someone to claim the permit in your behalf. As a rule, IPA letter details the documents needed in collecting the Employment Pass. In most cases Cheap Jerseys China , medical examinations are also required before an employment Pass is issued.

Rikvin provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof for Singapore company incorporation, accounting, Singapore income tax, Singapore work visa and related compliance services both for individuals and companies worldwide.

If we look around us we will get to know that we are surrounded by thousands of those people who need help. We should help them. By doing so, we will motivate them to help others. People start to help each other and it makes a cycle i-e if one helps someone this help comes back to him through this cycle. So help yourself by helping others. This way, people would help us in our needs…People say this “paying forward”. Let us show you a way to “doing forward”
Do it forward:
Doforward is an organization which wishes to create a website where all the things are available for free. This is a non-profit organization. This organization is based in Australia. Doforward provides free stuff in Sydney. People find their extra stuff and submit an add on doforward.org. Someone who needs that thing search and find that add. And this way the one who needed that thing finds it for free on doforward.org. This whole process is completely free. Normally if you want to sell or give your stuff for free, you have to advertise it which costs and you have to pay. But here you are not paying anything. You are just doing it. Doing it forward.
Help those who lost their belongings:
This website also provides the platform to help those people who lost their belongings. If you find anything in Australia in Sydney what you have to o is submit an add on this website and those people who lost their belongings would find it there. Same case is those people who lost their stuff by theft. Those people whose belongings are stolen from them. All you have to do is if you find anything just submit an add and that is completely free.
Help children:
Many children around us in Sydney do not have those things which other children have. You can give away
• Clothes to those children who do not have enough clothes to be safe in different weather.
• Baby furniture. If you find extra baby furniture in your house such as baby cots Cheap Jerseys , baby chairs, car seats etc don’t keep those things. Just give them away.
• Toys to those children whom parents cannot afford to buy toys and books for them.
There are a lot of ways to help others. All we need is to take a start
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