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The new topoisomerase inhibitors made new progress

Topoisomerase II (TopoII) inhibitors are an important class of anticancer drugs. TopoII inhibitors currently in clinical use there side effects, easy to produce drug resistance shortcomings, and the development of new TopoII inhibitor compounds due to the limitations of the type of slow progress. Microorganisms in extreme environments because of its unique structure and physiology, can produce a variety of extreme enzymes and bioactive substances, has become an important resource in recent years by widespread concern anticancer drugs. Gengmei Yu Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Research Group and Task Force group Gu Qian Ocean University of China on a series of citrinin derivative from the crater sediments derived from Penicillium PenicilliumcitrinumHGY1-5 in isolated anti-tumo... Read more

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