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We have an article about how to become a Google Street View Photographer, to follow the content and if any questions or feedback is appreciated.

What is aGoogle Street View Photographer?

In order to help a client make the decision on who to trust with a project, Google has created what they call “Google Street View Trusted Photographer Certification”. It may well be a bit of a mouthful but what it basically means is that Google has seen a number of images that one has taken and has certified that a spherical panoramic photographer can take good quality photospheres with their equipment. The images are level, in focus, stitched well correctly spaced and of an even height (if for a virtual tour).

How to begin?

To get started, you first need to download the Google Street View app.

Things you are able to do once you are accredited as a Google Street View Trusted Photographer include:

1. Use the Trusted badge and branding elements, offer professional photo spheres as one of your business services;

2. Show the Trusted badge (against a white background with enough padding, no matter where you display it); Use the Trusted badge and branding elements in a website, presentation, business apparel, and printed sales materials; You must make sure, however, that the badge and branding elements aren’t the most prominent elements on the page/clothing where they are being used.

Also to know how to take 360 photos and share 360 photos with VeeR.
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