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Well, only to survive in the Wellness & Beauty Industry! “Work force related challenges are to be dealt at two levels – Recruitment and Retention. At Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, we have partnered with close to 50 NGOs which help us in recruitment and increase reach at the grass root level. To increase retention we have innovative HR policies like salary increments every 6 months (instead of every 12 months), spot incentives, monthly recognition of contribution of employees etc.” Says Anurag Kedia, Director Four Fountains De-Stress Spa & Jazz Up Salon National Skill Development Council of India (NSDC) had published a detailed report on the workforce requirement along with the challenges and trends in the Indian Beauty & Wellness Industry. TheChai... Read more

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The Profit With Alex software is amazing considering how it automatically completes the entire process, from purchasing to paying up even when you are not at the computer screen. So many steps, such as hiring employees, stress to handle the staff, etc. can be skipped if you make use of Profit With Alex. For the beginners who are new to this ecommerce business, this software is a great way to start. Moreover, for old and experienced professionals who have no time to put in the business anymore but are willing to work passively on it, this software is a great means to do so. This software can be used at many sites at once. It helps you earn a minimum of $1500 per month, which is great as you have to do nothing practically. This software created by Alex Goodwin is a game changer and the fact that anyone can purchase it and use is just a plus.

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