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Why the Wounded Healer Inspires Confidence In Those They Counsel

A WOMEN walks into a counselling room on a Friday morning, running 20 minutes late for the appointment. She's met by a man about 15 years her senior. He's a counselling pastor. He's been praying for her and following her up for at least six months. She's reluctantly come along this particular day. She's very anxious. This is their first face-to-face meeting - an answer to his prayers.  Pull Your Ex Back The pastor shares part of his journey that connects with the woman's and she suddenly encounters a type of man she's never met before. He shares his own material of marital brokenness. But not just that; he shares his material of marital wholeness, too. She is astounded at the vulnerability he's able to show as he models to her how to share the deepest of struggles and learning... Read more

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