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The CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is a board of examination for both public as well as the private schools. It is in the control of Union Government of India. These examinations are centralized and the board of study imparts a balanced and uniform education to all the students across the country under its umbrella.

In order to prepare well for the CBSE exams, it is important that you thoroughly study the CBSE books and practice the CBSE sample papers to complete your revision process. The CBSE sample papers cover all the important concepts and topics that have a high chance of being asked in the main Board examination. Now, since there are a number of students nationwide who demand for these CBSE books, there is a fair chance that you might not be able to get a copy available for yourself easily. What can one do then? Let’s find out.

Sources to get CBSE Books and CBSE guide for class 12

There are a number of sources you can get your CBSE books and CBSE guide for class 12 from. Usually all the local book stores will keep the CBSE books. However, in case you are unable to get your copy you can mail the requirement to CBSE with a demand draft and your copy will be delivered to you. You can even download the book from the official website of the CBSE and then get it Photostatted. There is also an option to buy CBSE books online.

Advantages of buying CBSE books online
1. The CBSE affiliates all the Kendriya Vidyalayas in India. Thus, almost half the population will want access to CBSE books. In case there is a shortage of stock in your local bookstore, you can get CBSE books online. The books listed online will be comparatively cheaper than the price at which the local distributer sells them.
2. You’ll always get the most upgraded and updated version of the CBSE book online. The same might not be true about local retail stores.
3. You can get the books delivered at your doorstep. This is very convenient as it saves a lot of time. You’ll no longer have to stand in queues or repeatedly visit the retail store only to find that the book is still out of stock.
4. When you browse online, you’ll know about the other relevant study material that is made available by the CBSE. You’ll come across different types of reference books, CBSE sample papers, CBSE Question banks, past Year Question Papers and Guide books. If you keep buying from retail stores without regularly going through their website, you might not be up to date with the latest information. This might even affect your preparation during the exams.

Thus, in case you’re unable to find a copy of the latest and the most upgraded CBSE book, find it online!
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